Final/implemented remediation project design


€ 841,650.00


Luigi Lavazza SpA


2012 – 2014

Industrial site from around 1800 to 1980.


Site surface: 20.000 sq. m.


The activities included:
– Management of buried waste including waste produced by thermal processes used for electricity production with fossil fuel;
– Removal of contaminated soil (metals and organic pollutants) through specific excavation and final disposal technologies;
– Demolition of structures and buildings down to and including basement levels;
– Permanent environmental safety measures regarding containment of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil through installation of a capping layer;
– Immobilisation of pollutants contained in the underground saturated zone through cement mixture injections (jet-grouting technology),
– Removal and demolition of underground tanks,
– Groundwater remediation.

Challenges met:
– Partial preservation of buildings;
– Management of buried waste of various types with different contaminants (metals, organic pollutants);
– Management of existing contamination below the groundwater level;
– Restrictions on the site due to its urban context and the presence of building structures to be preserved for archeological reasons.