Supervision of demolition works, health and safety coordination during design phase


€ 6,000,000.00


Società Italiana del settore grande distribuzione



Industrial site was active from 1976 to 2012. Production of steel billets, blooms and blanks using electrical arc furnaces and rods for concrete reinforcing bars.


Site surface: 949,000 sq. m.


The intervention included the following operational steps:
– Preliminary removal of waste produced by thermal processes during steel production (iron waste, fume dust of the aspiration systems) adding up around 200,000 t
– Removal of waste (sludge, wastewater) from wastewater treatment plants located in the site
– Removal of electrical furnaces, transformers, electrical overhead travelling cranes
– Removal and demolition of pipes, metallic infrastructure and other plant structures,
– Demolition of buildings,
– Removal and demolition of underground tanks,
– Management of waste generated by the above activity.

Challenges met:
– Removal of many types of waste still on site and generated during thermal production processes
– Risk management for activities in confined spaces
– Remediation of fat and oil pipelines from the steelworks
– Risk management of radioactive sources located in the site
– Management of buried waste