Final and executive remediation design


€ 2,447,550.30 (100% PLANETA managed)


Settimo Torinese Municipality



Publicly owned area in Settimo Torinese municipality, approximately 90,000 sq. m. Formerly, the area was used as a mine and later, the morphological hollow was backfilled using soil mixed with solid waste (mainly foundry slag, metal barrels, plastic, glass, clay mixtures, mowing waste and demolition waste some of which containing asbestos). The layer of mixed waste and soil was 4-5 m deep, and in some areas continued below groundwater level.


Preliminary investigations conducted on site found out a plume of contamination above the threshold values (CSC) as defined by Legislative Decree 152/06 for land designated as a public green area. The parameters exceeding the limits were the following: metals, heavy hydrocarbons with C>12, aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls.

The remediation project we developed included permanent environmental safety measures containing the contaminated soil through the installation of a permeable capping layer. The feasibility of the intervention, from the viewpoint of the acceptability of risks to health, was verified through a specific Risk Analysis. Before setting the capping layer, the project included the following steps:
1) Removal of asbestos-containing materials present in the area
2) Demolition of some buildings
3) Morphological reshaping activities in order to prepare the area for the capping.


The project design considered the restrictions defined by Territorial hydrological planning regulation(Piano Stralcio per l’Assetto Idrogeologico), given the fact that the area is within the zone B (overflowing of reference flood with return period of 200 years). The capping solution evaluated various end uses of the area, including as a public park/s and for cycling roads.