Design of executive remediation plan, supervision of works and health and safety coordination during design and implementation phases


€ 1,014,823.00


Chemtura Manufacturing Italy S.r.l. (oggi Lanxess Solutions Italy S.r.l.)


2014 – 2015

The industrial site was active from 1994 to 2013 under Chemtura, formerly with a company of the ENI group. It principally produced antioxidants and additives for rubber industry.


Site surface: 70,000 sq. m.

The site remediation included the following:
– Preliminary removal of materials and waste from the site, strip-out of existing building, asbestos-containing components and full removal of insulating materials
– Removal and demolition of pipes and metallic infrastructure, for example, pipe racking, gangways of aboveground tanks and other plant components
– Building demolition
– Water tower demolition
– Removal and demolition of underground tanks
– Management of waste generated by the above activities.


Challenges met:
– Demolition of water tower near a residential area
– Preservation of various designated structures (hydraulic barrier, monitoring wells)
– Dismantling and removal of large plant structures, to be reused in other sites (selective demolition)
– Extended asbestos remediation (including flanges and other friable materials)


Executive project phases:

1. Historical reconstruction of the production processes
2. Plant building survey with laser scanner technology (dimensional characterization)
3. Mapping of asbestos-containing materials/elements (MCA) and man-made vitreous fibres (FAV)
4. Chemical-physical characterization of site waste and residues
5. Chemical risk assessment related to remediation activities
6. Definition of operational protocols

Water tower demolition using a segmenting technique: scaffolding set up around the tower and placement of a crane nearby; progressive tower razing workers from the scaffolding and collection of cut segments at ground level using the crane; removal of iron and final demolition of the remains.


12,300 t of waste generated and managed:

Over 300 technological systems/machinery/equipment/tanks were dismantled and reused in other sites